Call for papers


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Cultural & Tourism Heritage: Concepts, Realities, Perspectives

This conference will provide a unique forum for attendees from academia, tourism industry, government, and other organizations to actively exchange, share, and challenge state-of-the-art research and case studies on issues related to Cultural and Tourism Heritage. We invite submissions that should cover many aspects within the spectrum Cultural and Tourism Heritage, including but not limited to: • Heritage, Cultural Tourism and Development • Cultural Tourism and Funding Sources • Cultural Tourism and Business Opportunities • Creative Industry and Entrepreneurship • Popular Culture and Tourism • Thematic Routes and Tourism Diversification • Cultural Tourism and Identity • Festivals and Event Cities • Cultural Tourism and Innovation • Religion, Spirituality and Tourism • Cultural Tourism and Interregional Cooperation • Gastronomy and Tourism • Cultural Tourism and Public – Private Partnerships • Literature and Tourism • Urban Revitalization and Cultural Tourism • Marketing and Branding for Cultural Tourism • Cultural & Heritage Policies and Tourism • Case Studies   Guidelines for Authors – Conditions for the presentations to be submitted The authors who have had their paper accepted, submit the final text by e-mail following conditions: . Word file, with maximum 30 pages, single-spaced abstract (including cover page and references), with the following sections: – Cover page with title and author contact information; – Abstract and 3-5 keywords; – Introduction; – Literature; – Method; – Results; – Conclusion and References. Please include in a separate file, the brief five-line biography of the author. You must also send us a separate file an authorization document for publish your text We note that the length of presentations will be 15-20 minutes. Submit to:   Important Dates: (Attention) Final Call: July 14, 2014 Decision announcement: September 01 Early Bird Registration: September 30 Registration deadline for presenting authors conference date: October 1. Final date to send the presentation: October 15 Limite Reservation (only for Authors) for Cultural Tour (November 01): October 15